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QuickviewHandmade Pearl Bracelet


Handmade Pearl Bracelet .

Handmade item
Materials: pearls, silver plated brass, rhinestones

Width: 1,2 cm
Size: Adjustable for wrist sizes between 15cm and 18cm
Stones: pearls (shown in White, 6 mm), rhinestones

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QuickviewLeather Notebook


Leather Notebook .

You’re a hard-working executive; you need a hard-working notebook features a snap closure with an elastic pen holder beneath it and has room for a legal notepad and 3 slots for your other professional needs, like holding your business cards you need to hand out at those monthly conferences. No matter what you add inside, this practical notebook keeps a slim, classy profile while providing the functionality leather and durability you need.

the A5 size which is 15 X 21 cm

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QuickviewEgyptian Jadeite”AL-Yashmak”

$40.00 $25.00

Egyptian Jadeite”AL-Yashmak” .

Placed over the face of the coverage, which is called the “Jadeite.” Origin of the word “burqa” is a cover of the face except the eyes, and appear of the Ottoman era. And used in the industry many of the raw materials ranging from metals down to the canvas.

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QuickviewColorful praying carpet


Colorful praying carpet .

Pray for what you wish for using colorful praying carpets .
size:100cm x 60cm

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QuickviewHandmade embroidery shawl


Handmade embroidery shawl .

Handmade embroidery shawl from north sinai, handmade by local bedouin women embroidery which are designs of
geometric shapes,These patterns symbolize good health, hope, prosperity and protection, among other attributes of
positive beliefs, the patterns included representations of cypress tree, bunches of grapes, apple tree,
cauliflower, cock, pigeon, rainbow, roses, birds of paradise, flower pot and extensive other such representations.
size: 60 cm x 180 cm

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QuickviewHandmade cotton scarf


Handmade cotton scarf .

Handmade cotton scarf made from 100% Egyptian cotton (which is known as “white Gold”, due to its coloring, extra-fine texture and superlative quality) and dyed with AZO free dyes Crafted by local artists from Naqada village which has been a weaving center for centuries lying on the west bank of the Nile river in the southern Egypt.
Available in all colors

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QuickviewHandmade purse


Handmade purse .

handmade purse . It can be used for mobile phone or just as a purse or small pouch

The size is approx : 15 cm


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QuickviewTurquoise Ring


Turquoise Ring .

The pieces in this collection of turquoise land of Sinai
It is of the finest turquoise in the world
Enhanced strength and activity of the body
Gain self-confidence
Working on harmony and continue senses the body and a catalyst for strong action Sixth Sense

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QuickviewHandmade wool carpet

$35.00 $20.00

Handmade wool carpet .

Handmade wool carpets prominently filled to comment on the wall.

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QuickviewStained Glass fireplace

$120.00 $100.00

Stained Glass fireplace .

Stained Glass shot and lighting unit. ..unique Of its kind ….. drink tea on fireplace

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Egyptian Brass Silver Plated Pharaoh Isis Anubis Sphinx Round Plate .

Egyptian Brass Silver Plated Round Plate With Pharaoh Design

Design Includes: Anubis / Isis / Sphinx

Size: Approximately 21cm Diameter & 6.5cm High

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Egyptian Bastet Cat Goddess Resin Stone Statue Gold Black Base .

Egyptian Resin Bastet Pharaoh Cat & Lotus Flower Base

Bast, also Bastet, cat goddess worshiped primarily in the ancient city of Bubastis on the Nile Delta. As the protector of cats, which the ancient Egyptians often kept in their homes as pets, Bast was also an important goddess of the hearth. The Scarab or Dung beetle, is thought by the Ancient Egyptians to be a symbol of good luck.

Color: Gold With Black Base (As Pictured)

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Egyptian Alabaster Stone Fancy Ashtray Incense .

Egyptian Hand Carved Alabaster Stone Ashtray Or Incense Burner

Very Fancy Workmanship With Brass (Leaf) Trimming

Hand Carved From Alabaster Stone By Egyptian Artisan

Sizes: Approximately 15cm In Diameter & 6.75cm High

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Egyptian Brass Wall Decor Plate Queen Cleopatra Cut-out , , .

Egyptian Hand Etched Oxidized Brass Pharonic Plate W/A Hanger on the back

Beautiful Workmanship Cut-out With Queen Cleopatra Design

3-D Hand Hammered Design

Sizes: Approximately 11.5″ Diameter

“Will never tarnish and doesn’t need to be cleanned with any chemicals”

Other Sizes and Designs are available

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Egyptian Alabaster Stone Large Sphinx Statue , , .

Egyptian Handmade Alabaster Large Sphinx Statue On Alabaster Base

Electrical capability (Wire provided) But need to add light bulb and plug.

Hand Carved From Sinai’s Alabaster Stone

Sizes: Approximately 9.25cm High & The Base is 19.25cm X6.75cm

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Egyptian Basalt Stone Pyramid Set Handmade Horus Nefertiti Anubis .

Egyptian Handmade 3 Piece Pyramid Set

Black Basalt Stone with Pharaoh Design; Design Varies As Pictured

Designs Includes: Nefertiti, King Tut, Cleopatra, Anubis, Horus, Isis

Sizes: Approximately 3.5cm , 5.5cm, and 7.5cm High

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Egyptian Alabaster Stone Multi-Purpose Apple Jar .

Egyptian Handmade Alabaster Jar Small With Lid Apple Design

Hand Carved From Sinai’s Alabaster Stone; Each One is Very Unique

Sizes: Approximately 4.5cm In Diameter & 6.5cm High

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Egyptian Inlaid Handmade Wood Mother of Pearl Picture Frame .

Meduim Egyptian Inlaid Wooden Rectangular Picture Frame

These Frames Are Hand Inlaid Piece By Piece By Very Creative Artists in Egypt. They Are All Uniquely Made And The Design May Vary

Size: Approximately 10cm X 11.75cm (Picture Size 6cm X 8cm)

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Egyptian Inlaid Mother Pearl Wooden Chess Backgammon Board Black .

Egyptian Inlaid Wood Chess/Backgammon Mother of Pearl Board

All The Inlaid Work Is Done In Our Factories in Cairo, Egypt
This Chess Board Is Hand Inlaid Piece By Piece By Very Creative Artists in Egypt. They Are All Uniquely Made!!!
Shape: Square when open/Rectangular when closed
Backgammon Pieces Made of Hard Plastic are Included
size:Approximately : Width :50cm

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Egyptian Inlaid Wood Mother of Pearl Umbrella Shaped Jewelry Box .

Egyptian Inlaid Umbrella Shaped Wooden Jewelry Box With Tan Velvet Inside
This Box is Inlaid With Mother of Pearl and is Umbrella Shaped
All The Inlaid Work Is Done In Our Factories in Cairo, Egypt
These Boxes Are Hand Inlaid Piece By Piece By Very Creative Artists in Egypt. They Are All Uniquely Made and Design may vary
Shape: Umbrella
Size: Approximately 25cm X 15cm

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QuickviewStatue of Tutankhamun


Statue of Tutankhamun .

Product: Statue of Tutankhamun
Size: The size of the center and small 11cm x6cm
Material: lime
Color: Golden & other colors


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QuickviewScarab necklace Pharaonic


Scarab necklace Pharaonic .

Scarab is Pharaonic Vines is a ceramic green color on the dung beetle was the form of the ancient Egyptians manufacture them for decoration
Can also specify the date archaeological ground layer by scarabs when the lack of any other evidence

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QuickviewAnklet Starfish


Anklet Starfish .

These sparkle Starfish barefoot sandals could be personalized charm with your choice of initial and font. Its a great idea for a wedding gift, bridesmaids gift, Holiday gift or just to treat yourself! Try something new today!!!

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QuickviewAntique silver box


Antique silver box .

Beautiful, ancient Egyptian pill in 900 silver worked. The very old,
handmade pill box is decorated with a floral flower pattern, the pill is multiple hallmarked with Egyptian punches.

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