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QuickviewEgyptian Eye of Horus ankh Bracelet

$30.00 $22.00

Egyptian Eye of Horus ankh Bracelet .

This is the smaller version of the Egyptian Eye of Horus Ankh Bracelet made with dyed jade semi precious 6mm beads. The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. The ankh is the Egyptian symbol of eternal life.

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QuickviewHandmade Pearl Bracelet


Handmade Pearl Bracelet .

Handmade item
Materials: pearls, silver plated brass, rhinestones

Width: 1,2 cm
Size: Adjustable for wrist sizes between 15cm and 18cm
Stones: pearls (shown in White, 6 mm), rhinestones

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QuickviewTurquoise Ring


Turquoise Ring .

The pieces in this collection of turquoise land of Sinai
It is of the finest turquoise in the world
Enhanced strength and activity of the body
Gain self-confidence
Working on harmony and continue senses the body and a catalyst for strong action Sixth Sense

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QuickviewScarab necklace Pharaonic


Scarab necklace Pharaonic .

Scarab is Pharaonic Vines is a ceramic green color on the dung beetle was the form of the ancient Egyptians manufacture them for decoration
Can also specify the date archaeological ground layer by scarabs when the lack of any other evidence

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QuickviewAnklet Starfish


Anklet Starfish .

These sparkle Starfish barefoot sandals could be personalized charm with your choice of initial and font. Its a great idea for a wedding gift, bridesmaids gift, Holiday gift or just to treat yourself! Try something new today!!!

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QuickviewEgyptian Tarboosh


Egyptian Tarboosh .

Egyptian Cotton Hand Made Red Fez Tarboush Hat With Black Tassel

Shape: Round

Size: Large 56 Round & 18.75cm Top Diameter & 14.5cm High

Color: Red With Black Tassel

Color Inside: White / Red / It Will Vary

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QuickviewEgyptian Charm Bracelet

$200.00 $130.00

Egyptian Charm Bracelet , .

Bracelet”Queen of the Nile”, is created with images of Nefertiti, Isis, Cleopatra, King Tut, and Ra-Horakhty . Your jewelry will twinkle and sparkle, and the charm bracelets have a wonderful soft tinkling sound almost like wind chimes. Every piece of jewelry made of silver and it is truly magical and inspirational.

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QuickviewAnubis Bracelet


Anubis Bracelet .

Anubis was the God of Embalming and Mummification! This charm and colour scheme are great for fans of Ancient Egyptian myth

Pendant bracelets made of silver

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