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QuickviewDATE SYRUP Imtenan


DATE SYRUP Imtenan , .

Date Syrup (100% Natural) from Imtenan. Energetic & free of preservatives. A rich source of iron, potassium and other essential minerals.

Weight:450 gram

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QuickviewBROWN RICE Imtenan


BROWN RICE Imtenan , .

Brown Rice (100% Natural Whole Grain) from Imtenan. Enjoy it as an healthy replacement for white rice.
Brown Rice is one of the most important basic health foods in the world that should be a part of your daily nutrition. Brown Rice contains a balance of carbohydrates, protein, minerals, and fiber which promotes slow digestion which helps maintain constant glucose levels and prevent hunger between meals.
For people who have difficulty digesting whole grains, it is preferable to add a small amount of brown rice with white rice and increase the amount gradually.

Weight:750 gram

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