Dry Mint

ISIS Peppermint 100% Organic , .

ISIS Peppermint tea is grown organically in Egypt without using any chemicals. This is approved by COAE (Center of Organic Agriculture in Egypt) and DEMETER Association. ISIS Peppermint tea contains only peppermint and spearmint leaves and no artificial colors, flavoring or preservatives.
Peppermint or mint tea is a favorite flavor for many regular tea drinkers. It is commonly associated with providing a cozy treat during warm weather
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100% Organic

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Egyptian Dry Mint .

Mint of perennial herbaceous plants with a pungent smell grainy. Grow on the edge of streams and aquatic complexes
Add a few sheets of mint into a teapot or tea, especially green tea to confer good flavor
Each 100 g of mint, according to the Ministry of Agriculture food contains the following information:
Calories: 70
Fat: 0.94
Saturated fat: 0.24
Carbohydrates: 14.89
Fiber: 8
Proteins: 3.75

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