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Cinnamon, an old spice from the orient, combined with a slice of ginger will give you a soothing taste of relaxation!
Try now the unforgeable mix of Ginger & Cinnamon.
Sudden Changes in temperature is one of the main causes of flu in children in particular.
Ginger strengthens the immune system and cinnamon is anti-bacterial! A Ginger cinnamon cup from Isis Organic is the best protection for your family
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100% Organic

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Ginger .

Ginger has unique flavor and distinct aroma. It is cultivated in India as a fresh vegetable as well as a dried spice. It is a flavor enhancer and also provides numerous health benefits to consumer.
We offer premium quality Ginger, which is sourced from trustworthy Farmers. Known as herbaceous tropical plant, its underground stem is completely dry and utilized commercially. The ginger offered by us is acknowledged for its medicinal and highly aromatic properties.

Weight:200 gram

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